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The Pryce story

The Pryce story


Gwynedd Daloni Cooper

 Compiled by Anthony K. Campbell

The story of the Pryce family in the beautiful village of Llanfairynghornwy, Anglesey at the end of the nineteenth century

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The Pryce story was written by Gwynedd Daloni Cooper, née Seth Hughes, and compiled by Anthony Campbell. Both were born in Bangor. This book also contains biographies of her two sisters, Penelope and Jennet, as well as family trees going back to the 17th century, and a host of photographs of Anglesey, including St Mary’s church, Llanfairynghornwy.

Anglesey and the mountains of Snowdonia are an inspiration to all who visit there. The natural history and geology inspired Darwin. This book is catalysed by this inspiration.

It is available from at a price of £30 plus postage.


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