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Charles Darwin’s Mystery Disease




Tony and Stephanie love their family suppers, and lunches at weekends. But it was not always so. Six years ago they discovered that three members of their family were intolerant to lactose. In fact, lactose in a whole range of dairy and non­dairy foods was quite simply ruining their lives.

It is a remarkable fact that some two thirds of the world’s adult population – 4000 million people ­ cannot digest lactose properly. It is the white Northern Europeans who are the odd ones out. Hence the wide spread use of milk and cream in European recipes. Chinese and Japanese food has no dairy product in it, and Asian cooking little. Yet lactose is now added to many foods and drink without being on the label. Our book reveals this scandal. The only definitive way of telling if you are lactose intolerant is to come off lactose completely for at least one month.

This means not only no milk, cream, or cheese, but also avoiding burgers, sausages, salamis, cake mixes, breads, slimming products, drugs and lagers.


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