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Welston Press was founded by Professor Tony Campbell and Dr Stephanie Matthews five years ago to publish important new scientific and medical concepts that affected people’s everyday life. Tony and Stephanie are a husband and wife team with an international reputation in Medical Biochemistry. Together they have published several scientific papers on lactose intolerance in leading medical journals.

tonyProfessor Anthony K Campbell MA PhD FLS FRSA – Director

Tony is an internationally acclaimed medical biochemist and an expert in the science of lactose intolerance. He just loves cooking and creating the delicious recipes you will find in this book. He is well known for his work on animals that make light – bioluminescence. This has revolutionised biomedical research and clinical diagnosis, the technology now being used in over 100 million clinical tests per year. He obtained a first class degree and PhD in Cambridge, and is now Professor in Medical Biochemistry at Cardiff University. He has published over 200 scientific papers, 6 books, and has several patents being exploited world wide. He is passionate about communicating cutting edge science to young people and the public, founding the Darwin Centre in 1994 and the highly acclaimed Pembrokeshire Darwin Science Festival in 2000. He is a keen musician, and now makes music in the kitchen! He has five children.


stephanieDr Stephanie B Matthews MB BCh PhD FRCPath – Director

Stephanie is a clinical expert in food intolerance, for which she set up an NHS clinic now with over 600 patients. She studied medicine, and gained her PhD, in Cardiff, and is a consultant in Medical Biochemistry. The discovery of her own lactose intolerance has changed her life in more ways than one, as she now has three beautiful children. She is an expert in several other fields of medicine, particularly cholesterol and heart disease, and has pioneered LDL apheresis for people with severe cholesterol problems. She has also set up a clinic for young people with this problem, now being developed nationally and internationally with the charity Heart UK. Like Tony she believes strongly in explaining difficult medical and scientific concepts to the general public, and patients. She is a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists, and was short listed for Hospital Doctor of the Year in 2003.